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Game: Mother squirrel has to divide a pile of acorns among her babies…There are two kinds of division: traditionally with numbers and graphically in terms of acorns to be distributed among some little squirrels. The child can start from the formal calculation, writing the quotient and then verifying the distribution of the acorns among the squirrels (more difficult) or he can use motor-sensory learning by distributing the acorns among the squirrels and then discover which is the quotient of the division (easier). A lot of divisions leave a remainder of some acorns. Mother squirrel understands that these acorns have to be cut to be share out.
Skill: Gain a good knowledge of division, through the traditional way, or through a concrete distribution of the objects. Understand the concept of remainder.
Contenut: The first divisions with remainder
Age: from age 7 up

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