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Models and tools for learning assessment.

This study was conducted within the umbrella IPRASE project, “Items Bank”, and provides for the definition of two IT learning assessment systems in schools. The first system gathers, generates and controls structuralized and semi-structuralized texts for verifying test validity. On accessing this system it is possible to find items and create tests for the various subjects taught in the classroom. The teacher can assess the validity of these tests and, since these tests are saved in the system and the files shared with other teachers, access historical test data for each single student. The purpose of the second system is to create written comprehension tests. The objective of this research is, firstly, to support teachers in planning and using structuralised tests and, secondly, to facilitate a common assessment system, didactics, and curricula within the both a standardized national and provincial framework. An additional objective is to extend this testing methodology to other subjects such as history and foreign languages, which have not yet been included in national surveys.


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