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    Maurizio Gentile
Chief scientific officer
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Silvia Tabarelli
Project manager
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Francesco Pisanu
Research fellow
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Personalisation of learning within the classroom context.
In the future, new inequalities in school are likely to be even more pertinent to the relationship between individual development and the chance to manage adequately the techniques of cognitive processes and information in all fields of knowledge. This is something definitely more complex than what we call “the right/duty to education”. According to this perspective, the present research, which is -at its turn- part of a larger IPRASE project in the educational field, means to foster an idea of “equity” that avoids old formulae (“each with his/her own merits”) but, rather, promotes a principle that, on the one hand, focuses on diversity, specificity and differences, and on the other, generates access to knowledge. Three models are taken as points of reference: Differentiation in didactics, Cooperative learning and Multiple Intelligence Theory. The aim of the project is both to explore new possibilities and to implement classroom activities in relation to learning objectives and competences’ achievement as set by the National and the Provincial Guidelines for the Curriculum.
Specific goals o purposes of the project are:
- Planning and management of teaching activities based on the above models
- Support to new teaching approaches where students are directly involved in knowledge construction and are spurred by sensory, intellectual and social stimuli
Planning of authentic tasks that can be easily transferred to real life situations
- Creation of formative evaluation tools (peer-evaluation, self-assessment, descriptive feedback, rubrics)
The project is pluriennial and it implies the use of a mixed research methodology (literature analysis, action-research, outcomes surveying). Teachers involved will participate to a series of activities that will bring them to acquire new learning solutions, to plan new ones and to experiment the results in their own classroom context with the aid of the IPRASE project staff.

Pilot schools adhering to the project are:

- primary and middle school of Val di Sole
- primary and middle school of Lavis
primary and middle school of Revò

with a total amount of 22 teachers involved (9 for the lower secondary school, and 13 for the primary school).
The project started in October 2009. The 2009-2010 school-year will focus primarily on seminars and teachers’ planning and experimentation of the activities, alongside with the elaboration of the validation plan.
An important part of the project will be devoted to data collection and analysis, followed by a feedback to teachers and schools of the Trentino region. The final step will consist of the elaboration of personalisation learning models for the first educational cycle (primary and lower secondary school) based on the experiences and learning outcomes observed in pupils and teachers.
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