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Actions against discrimination in educational contexts.

The project is designed for students in the region of Trentino who are disadvantaged from a socio-cultural perspective or those who have special educational needs and are likely to suffer failure at school. The general objective of the research is to create a framework of good practices within the schools which are aimed at including these types of students and to define models to promote the spread of good practices in the future. The methodology adopted is based on action research in coherence with the stated objective of promoting change and development.
The fields of research include primary, and secondary education and are organised into three areas of study:
Action 1. Intervention models to deal with school drop out
Action 2. Good practices for the inclusion and personalisation of the school career.
Action 3. Models and personalisation experiences in secondary education and vocational training.
The definition of the three research areas, which was effected in collaboration with the BES (special educational needs) Group of the Innovation Service of the Educational Department in the Autonomous Province of Trento, took into consideration both the already existing positive experiences in local schools and the analysis of some weaker aspects.
The results will be disseminated not only to schools involved in the project but also to the entire school network in Trentino. In March and June 2010, seminars will be held with teachers in schools to discuss the findings of the research and possible actions to implement change.


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