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Community of teachers and reflexive practices.

Over the last few years, attention has been focused upon the disturbing episodes of violence and psychological disorders involving students and, as a consequence, teachers at every school level. These episodes are constantly tearing at the fabric of the school. A large part of the research conducted on these issues is ignorant of the specific knowledge of what teachers really experience in school. Therefore, it is essential to examine practices implemented in schools in order to identify and understand their degree of efficacy and success, and to establish whether they can be interpreted as “good practices” to be then applied in other new contexts. This survey conducts research at three different levels: individual teachers in relation to the school context; groups of teachers from different schools but forming a “community of thought”; action research groups of teachers within the same school. The purpose of the research is to gather accurate data and information on these issues relating to psychological problems and special needs situations which might negatively affect both students and teachers and to use such knowledge to devise training activities for teachers. In addition, the study prescribes the construction of interpretational paradigms - both in negative and positive terms - to create a reference framework and to generate effective guidelines on how to tackle problematic situations within the context of the classroom.


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