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A survey on the teaching profession

Much has been written recently about teachers. The fact that researchers and opinion leaders have spent time writing and studying teachers as "a case study" is testimony to the critical role, both now and in the future, this profession is deemed to play. By focusing their attention on this profession, even writers of fiction acknowledge the role of teachers as protagonists. School is indeed changing, despite the many obstacles to reform, but the teaching profession doesn't seem to be a priority to legislators. What is most striking is that this profession is not strategically placed at the centre of innovation in the educational process. The role of the teacher is still very much influenced by social factors of mutability and ambiguity. Teachers have the right to demand a better defined profile and a clear educational role by means of which to develop their own professional competence. This job has to be based on a more precise idea of the objectives and social status in terms of contexts, tools and methods which constitute both cultural and professional references. Teachers deserve training, employment and professional development in their careers which are coherent with a new conception of their role.


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