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Strengthening social capital in schools

Sociological research is characterised by three aspects related to the concept of Social Capital (SC). First, an element of reciprocal trust existing between the components within a relational network. Second, an element of trust towards the network itself. Third, cooperation and support relationships between the nodes of the network. These three components empower the network and its parts, thus improving its efficiency and obtaining better results which could not be achieved, unless at a higher cost. Several research studies have demonstrated a significant correlation, at certain conditions, amongst SC’s, the sense of duty towards an association a/o a civic duty. By applying Donati’s Relational Theory of Society it is possible to configure the concept of social capital into four interconnected categories: family, community, commitment towards the association and civic sense of duty. The purpose of the research is to construct a framework of indicators to evaluate SC, which is to be applied to the external school evaluation system of the Autonomous Province of Trento. An additional aim is to verify the correlation between the framework of indicators and the socio-economic and cultural status of the students’ families and of the students themselves, while also verifying the specific ability of the schools to create or improve their students.


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