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Educational values and values in education.

This research focuses on adolescents’ choice of values in relation to the system of values of the family and the school. The reference model is Schwartz’ theory of values (which, at present, is considered as the most authoritative work for many of the studies conducted in the psycho-social field) and a number of survey results such as The European Values Study on the adult population. The purpose of the research is to identify what exactly is the value of educational, training and socializing processes in the family (parents/children), and in the school (teachers, pupils, class of peers). An additional aim is to identify a pattern of values that characterises the adolescents as a group of peers i.e. the class, while casting light upon the differences and similarities existing between parents, teachers and class mates priority values and the adolescent’s personal values. Finally, the research aims to highlight those factors shared both by adolescents and different agencies of socialization in which it is common to find little agreement about which values should be passed on to new generations, and to identify the kind of commitment that the adolescent shows in relation to his/her own set of values.


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