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The OECD-PISA Survey

The objective of the OECD-PISA survey is to monitor the skill levels in sciences, maths and reading of 15 years old teenagers in schools. 400,000 students from 57 different countries participated in the 2006 survey, a sample of the 20 million pupils aged 15 representing 87% of the world economy.

The study is conducted every three years (2000, 2003, 2006) with every project concentrating on a specific area. In 2006 survey, for example, the majority of the tests concerned the sciences.

The findings from the PISA are an important source for evaluation – in both comparative and diachronic terms - of these indispensable skills that are such a determining factor in the participation of students and of future citizens in social and economical life. Furthermore, the survey provides useful data in establishing the extent to which the school system is responsible for pupils learning these skills.

The concept of lifelong learning is the premise for the study in the sense that skills learnt within the first ten years of school (the compulsory cycle) are considered as indispensable for building a lifelong process of learning. In addition, the survey analyses personal and contextual factors affecting skill levels and provides recommendations for policies designed to raise the standards. The findings from this research are becoming an important benchmark for comparative analysis for the European Union and for governments with respect to teaching contents (curriculum) and ways of certification (evaluation).

For a second time, after 2003, Trentino is evaluating the results of the survey with the intention of analysing current trends and of collocating Italian students’ performances into a national and international framework..
Five types of schools were surveyed:

  1. High Schools (Lycées)
  2. Technical Schools
  3. Vocational Schools
  4. Junior High schools
  5. Vocational training (VET)
In Trentino 1757 students from 61 schools were tested:

16 High schools
16 Technical Schools
7 Vocational Schools
22 Centres of vocational training (VET)



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