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The levels of ability of Italian teenagers in maths, reading, science and problem solving. PISA 2003 Results of Trentino

The survey PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) consists of an international research set up by OECD (Organisation for Cooperation and Economic Development) in order to verify, every three years, the functional abilities of 15 year-old students. This project represents one of the most important challenges that OECD countries have undertaken in recent years in the field of education. PISA 2003 that follows PISA 2000, involved 41 countries, of which 30 are OECD members, including Italy’s 270,000 students. The surveys which span three successive periods (2000, 2003, 2006) were conceived to verify the level of ability in reading, maths, natural sciences and to assess certain transversal competences such as analytical reasoning and learning in general. In 2000, the survey focused on reading, in 2003 on Maths and in 2006 on sciences. PISA 2003 is a random sample-based survey that has involved high schools in the Trentino region which are dispersed across the entire provincial territory, thus providing a comprehensive representation of the entire teenager ( 15 year-olds) population in schools. Besides the 41 countries mentioned above, some other regions in northern-central Italy were involved in the project. From the results of this survey (mirroring those from 2000) Italy is ranked towards the lower end of the classification.



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