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Reading in elementary schools. Report on the IEA Pirls survey.

Reading is one of the fundamental skills that grants access to knowledge. Through reading, it is possible to learn a great variety of subjects, to form our own set of feelings, imagination, perception and to give meaning to things. Being able to read and most of all to interpret a text is a critical indicator of the efficaciousness of the educational system, and on the basis of the evidence contained in this report, international surveys on learning such as OECD and IEA consider reading ability as a key educational indicator. In the light of this fact, and in order to establish a set of parameters for accurate analysis, IPRASE has participated in the Pirls survey (Progress in International Reading Literacy Study) on reading comprehension promoted by IEA (International Association for the Evaluation of School Achievement) and implemented in Italy by INValSI. The report presents various aspects of the research - both conceptual and pragmatic – that have been taken into consideration in the survey. The findings that emerge, together with a comprehensive analysis of the results enable us to draw insightful conclusions. It provides us with a deeper understanding of the factors that determine a child’s success and failure in reading and what being able to read in and outside school really means.


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